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tv   Today  NBC  March 1, 2013 2:05am-3:00am PST

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to see what you thought about our heated and smackdown debate. apparently 32% of you say that marissa mayer was in the right to do what she wanted. it's her company, and she can do as she pleases. 68% agreed with me and thought i was right. >> you agreed that it's her company. she's the head of that company. it's not her company. it's the shareholders' company. you agreed she had a right to do it. we all agree she's got the right to do it. we also agree she has to live with the consequences of it. she's going to lose some very good people probably, but you said a lot of the people said that they would get a different job if they could. >> if they could. >> i think if you have a choice, right? i mean, this is what some -- wendy white wrote -- i said it. wendy white wrote, "if working from home is not productive, when employees come home, can they just turn off their emails and et cetera?" a lot of people do a lot of work from home, and if you are not supposed to work from home, does that mean we shut it all down?
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>> here's what i think is going to happen. >> it's going to be fun to watch it over the next few months. not just the stock, what happens with that and the value of the company, which is important to shareholders, but the -- what happens in terms of good employees leaving, going off someplace else. great people will find other jobs. they will go to google. they'll go to -- they'll go someplace, facebook. they'll find jobs. but it's going to be interesting to see if there's so much unhappiness there that she then realizes, you know, let's try a little something else. >> another way about it. >> here's what we talked about. this morning as we were talking about your reaction, we understood. i knew -- i thought it would have been higher than most people thought. most people out there watching us aren't ceos. they're people that have jobs or are working from home or are looking for jobs. you see things from that perspective. how about this perspective? >> what? >> what about if she had never gone to yahoo and the person who was running it before ultimately ran it into the ground and everybody ultimately lost all of their jobs?
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which is what happens sometimes when companies are badly run. that's all i just want to say. that's a -- let's -- that's a what if. let's think this thing through. >> i think she could probably have made some choices without being so aggressive about it. like we talked about yesterday, you can say, look, if you guys don't jack up your productivity in a month, we're going to get rid of that working from home thing. let's try this first. let's see if we can get everyone to turn the beat around and if you can, we'll leave it in place. if you can't, anyway, i'm done with serious topics. >> if you really want to do the best for the company. then the people working there are part of that company, and she will ultimately get to a point where she does the best for them as well, which will be best for the company ultimately. >> that's what i was going to suggest after i had a sip of wine. >> all right. you might need a big gulp after this. this woman had to go. you have to go, go, go. >> she lives in place called aaron, tennessee. there was a restaurant that had a sign up that said you only paying customers can use the
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rest room. well, she didn't have time to wait, apparently. she went in, used the rest rm, went home, whatever. who even thinks about it twice? >> she knew. >> what happened was -- >> she knew what she had done. it was wrong. >> a few days later she went to her mailbox and found -- >> lo and behold -- >> a bill from the restaurant for $5 asking her to pay because she abused their rest room, and they want $5 for the toilet paper square and the water that she used. >> and the soap. >> and the soap. >> and the people that have to -- you know, the labor that goes into cleaning up the bathroom when people have left it. >> the weird thing was the cops had to track her down. apparently they turned it into a whole -- well, the -- i guess the restaurant called the police. the police tracked her license plate. let's talk about the effort that went into tracking down -- >> now think how much that costs the taxpayers because the police officer who should have been looking for criminals is trying to find her. >> tracking down.
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>> she as a criminal. according to the restaurant she's a criminal. i say taser her and it's over. >> it is an awkward thing, too. if you've gone to a restaurant and there's a sign you have to have to have to go. >> would they prefer that you go right where you are and create a -- you know this happens to me on occasion. you go in. i always ask. i say excuse me. i am so sorry but i have an emergency. may i please? i've never had somebody say no, you can't, lady. go in the woods. never happens. >> i usually dart in because sometimes there's a line at mcdonald's or whatever. i go use the bathroom, and then i come out and buy french fries or something. anything. because i feel bad about -- i do feel bad about going without buying something. >> if there's a sign. >> if there's a sign. but i think it's weird. i mean, look. it doesn't happen often. not like people are constantly stopping in and using the bathroom. >> the interesting thing is, there really are no public
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restrooms in new york. >> oh, in times square. remember those ones with the charmin paperer? >> that didn't stay. >> oh, right. >> they want your money. and now you have to order two drinks to get yourself over 16 fluid ounces. you know that, hoda >> yes, i do. >> that doesn't apply to wine. >> all right. on a plane if you were to describe the most annoying thing in your opinion about flying, what would that thing be? okay. >> another study reveals. >> there was another study. it revealed -- >> trip adviser. >> it revealed the number one complaint we all have is the lack of leg room on flights and how jammed up everybody is and how it's hard. you can't recline, or you could, but you're in someone's lap or someone is reclining and they're in your lap, and it's very uncomfortable. i don't like the feeling. i was flying on that -- on the delta shuttle. which is a great flight back and forth. >> from new york to boston. >> i thought there were two
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classes on that. >> there are. once you get in -- well, i flew coach, and you can sit anywhere. it's wide open. >> there's a certain number of rows back you have to sit. >> i sat down. a lady got in front of me, and she sat directly in front of me. the plane is wide open. here she is. she reclined. >> like at movie theaters. when you are the only one in there, and the next person comes and sits right in front of you. >> why do they do that? it's not -- >> it's like dogs. they urinate just to -- my space. >> are they oblivious that you're sitting there and that they -- >> i am so aware of everybody. i'm, like, move over six places so there's lots of room for their coat. >> what is it? >> right. >> what is that? >> it's called self-absorption. >> and the second was the airline tickets cost a fortune. >> i would have thought that would have been the first thing. how costly it is to fly now. >> when you pay, you think you should get something. >> unpredictable flight delays. now it's going to be six days so you can get through customs, and the fourth is long security
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lines. that's going to get much worse, hoda. >> those take forever now. they're slower and slower and slower. >> you know what, i'm exhausted by the time you get on the plane. you're just -- by the time you get through the line and you're taking everything off, i had on a tank -- well, i had on a tank top with a sweater, and they said take your sweater off. i had on a tank. you don't want to be walking around with everything hanging. anyway, i -- >> somebody wanted you to be. we got off the plane in israel. on our way back from israel last year and went through customs, and our friend went flying right through and she had this thing called the global thing. i said i want that. >> did you get that? >> how do i get that? we applied for it. you got to go for an interview and the whole thing. i get my global. i'm so excited. i go to jfk airport because i'm going to fly to l.a. no, it's random. why have it if it's not going to be the great -- no, it's not just international, chrissy.
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it's domestic flights. >> someone else is complaining about that too. it doesn't work all the time. >> you're not always right. 99.9% of the time. one time at work on my way to l.a., and another time it doesn't work. it's random. they've got -- >> now we're going to play the best song ever. >> oh, lord have mercy. >> it's a country song, but it's a little bit of a sing-along, and there are only a couple of words you need to know. i chose the back end of this song. i never choose the end of the song. this one had such a great thing at the end. >> you never choose the right part of the song. >> this is the best part. get ready to sing along. everybody. it's called "boondocks, little big town." ♪ one day i know no matter where i go i keep my heart in the boondocks ♪ ♪ i keep my heart and soul in the boondocks ♪ >> we're all going to sing together. it's easy to learn. ready? >> i'm going to do the hand motions so you can get it. ♪ you get a line i'll get a pole
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we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole i caught a poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ ♪ you get a line i get a pole we'll go fishing in the fishing hole poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ ♪ you get a line i get a pole we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole poker on saturday night church on sunday morning ♪ >> everybody. ♪ you get a line i get a pole we'll go fishing in the crawfish hole five star poker on saturday night church on sunday morning morning ♪ ♪ church on sunday morning >> all right, hoda. got to say it's a good one. >> different add on. it's a musical thing. don't confuse me with your musical talent. okay or not okay?
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>> is it okay or not okay for high couture clothing for kids. let's listen. >> part of parenting is teaching your child to keep things in perspective. >> not okay. not okay. all right. >> all right, hoda. all right. >> it's not okay. >> we agree. >> i couldn't think of anything. i mean, it's one thing if you get one little thing, but when you see them decked all the time in outfits that are thousands and thousands of dollars. it creates a lot of envy in people's lives, and it doesn't give you the reality you want. >> i agree. ♪ you get a line i get a pole >> the genius behind shows like "survivor" "the shovoice" and " apprentice." mark burnett shares his newest adventure with his wife, actress roma downey. >> they're doing some last minute hair and makeup. it's almost time to reveal our ambush makeover. first, these messages. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there.
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she is an emmy nominated actress, best known for her role on "touched by an angel." >> he is the reality tv mogul behind hugely popular unscripted series like "the voice", "survivor." >> wow fancy. >> now mark burnett and roma downey are working side-by-side on a new project called "the bible." a ten-hour miniseries on the history channel. let's take a look. >> i am here. >> i am the god of abraham, of isaac, and jacob. >> you are real. >> i am. i have seen the misery of my people. i am sending you to pharoah to bring them out of egypt. >> how can i set them free? >> i will be with you. >> wow. >> epic. >> welcome. great to see you two. >> yeah. what an undertaking. four years in the making, right? >> yes. >> the bible is a long book.
2:19 am
as i was watching a great deal of it, and you are very, very true to the stories. i know that was important to the two of you. you tell a very particular story which you see as one story, don't you? many stories tied together, one story of god calling a people for the benefit of the whole world. am i wrong? >> we see it as one continual love story. god's love for all of us. a lot of people look at it in snippets. or small pieces. it's one arcing story. from genesis to revelation. one continuous story. >> why did you need to do it? it sounds like. you don't take on something like this unless you felt compelled. >> we felt like a seed was sohn sown in our hearts. we felt called to do it. it was a great opportunity that we could step in together and work together on this and we're still speaking to each other. >> and you're still married. >> how long was that? this is a long process, and you guys are really working together for the long time. >> on location in morocco for how many months?
2:20 am
>> five plus. we had dust in places we didn't know existed. >> a lot of crevices and cracks in your body. >> it's been incredible, though. really. we've enjoyed it. there have been moments, i'm sure, when we thought we might kill each other, but we've made it, and i think that it's deepened our friendship. it's deepened our marriage, and it's deepened our faith. >> mention being married to an angel and being on the set with 400 people, they're always going to take her side in every disagreement. don't listen to what i say. listen to the angel. >> you have assembled an extraordinary cast, including your wife, who plays the mother of jesus, and nobody is saying for sure how much money was put into this thing, but whatever you put into it shows in the production value of it. i saw a little bit at your house a couple of months ago, and i thought, whoa, they didn't scrimp on the money on this thing. >> when you look at the clip you just showed, that could have come off -- >> as cheesy. >> yeah. it looks terrific. >> we hired an incredible special effects company out of london.
2:21 am
we wanted to be able to bring all of these wonderful moments. daniel and the lions, jesus walking on water, moses crossing the red sea to life with the latest and greatest cgi. >> do you discover that most people who think the bible are boring are the ones that have actually never read it? you can say a lot of things about the bible, but it is not boring. it has so much drama. you want sex, lies, and there wasn't videotape, but if there had been, right? it's extraordinary human drama. >> great story in its own. you think about it. shakespeare wouldn't have existed really without the bible. 1,200 quotes in there, including "lord of the rings, narnia". none of these movies would exist without the bible. >> there's so much biblical illiteracy and references in regular literature, and this will help. what do you want people to take away from the whole thing, real quickly? >> it's a love story. we all ought to reconnect with the bible.
2:22 am
we found on this journey a lot of biblical illiteracy. it's sort of embarrassing, actually. people who don't even know -- >> take the book back down off the shelves and be reminded how amazing it is and reexperience it. >> get a modern translation, that will help. >> thank you both so much. it starts this sunday. two-hour premier of "the bible" on sunday, march 3rd, at 8:00, 7:00 central on the history channel. >> going to be terrific. >> all right. our webtastic video is next. >> this one really delivers. >> we're taking time from the bible for this? ♪ s see... i was a dietician... a housekeeper... a pediatrician... yeah, that was a third degree booboo a housekeeper... a sanitation engineer... a housekeeper... good thing i had 5-hour energy to keep me going. what will you do with your next five hours?
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new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day.
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>> it is time for webtastic where our own sara haynes digs up the video you'll want to share with your friends. >> this one features a group of guys who thought they'd have fun with a pizza delivery man. >> they pretended to be part of a secret society, and the delivery man had no idea what he was walking into. check it out. >> this is -- ♪
2:27 am
>> so this happened in hoboken, by the way, and the birthday boy decided to throw a secret society birthday. this is a last minute call. look how freaked out this guy is. they're all in masks. >> oh, freaky. >> now, would you have walked in on that? i don't think i would have gone in. >> presents a tip. >> oh, my god. >> they pass it around the table. >> oh, my gosh. i would have thought it was a satanic meeting of some sort. >> would you have entered that house? that is the beginning of a really freaky episode of ""dateline"" right, hoda? >> that's definitely "dateline" friday. >> now, when the guy went back to the store, they said this delivery man is known for making up stories, so no one believed him. >> oh, my gosh. >> then who posted the video after? >> these guys. the friends. >> the birthday boy. >> that's just mean. >> that's cruel. >> it's hysterical. think about what the pizza man was thinking.
2:28 am
and had a heart attack because of it. >> that is crazy. >> that's a group of guys with a good sense of humor. >> let's hear from our facebook fans if they think that's mean or just really funny? >> hysterical. >> i think it's fun. my brother used to do that to delivery men, but we were in a small town >> what about the delivery men that are just trying to make an honest living, hoda woman? >> he got a tip. he just had to pass it around the table first. >> i would have thrown the pizza in. i wouldn't have stepped in. >> never have gone in. >> delivery people of the world unite. >> it is our ambush makeover team that are going to make over lovely ladies. we're going to reveal them in a couple of minutes.
2:29 am
2:30 am
>> oh, we are back with more on "today" with this thirsty thursday. it's time to reveal our plaza ambush makeovers with two lovely ladies. >> they were given complete head to toe makeovers and working their magic "today" contributor and stylist to the stars luis
2:31 am
licari. >> and bobbie thomas is filling in for jill martin. >> how were the pickin's today? >> weather was rainy, but the crowd was still there, and we found two great ladies. >> one of them was named michelle takuta. she's 42 years old. >> adorable. >> from hawaii. her daily beauty routine consists of wearing no makeup, throwing her hair in a ponytail. she jumped at the chance to get a makeover. let's take a listen. >> okay, ron, tell me why you think michelle deserves a makeover. >> really she doesn't, but look at her, but we're from hawaii. >> she doesn't deserve a makeover? >> definitely, she is a single mom, and look how gorgeous she looks. >> it's your birthday trip, right? >> yes, it is. >> and you have a little gaffe with your sister before you came? >> she didn't really color my hair too good. my gray spots. >> well, louis is going to take care of that, and i am going to find you a pair of heels. is that okay? >> yeah. >> okay, great. >> thank you. thank you. >> yes, indeed. it is show time.
2:32 am
michelle is here with her uncle ron, who has the blindfold on. we met ron a second ago. please keep your blind fold on until i ask you to take it off. here is michelle. >> whatever you want to do. >> michelle's before. let's see the new you. >> great. >> birthday girl. >> all right, ron. are you ready? take a look at your birthday girl. >> oh, my god. how beautiful is that? oh, my god. >> are you ready, michelle? spin right around here, sweetie, and take a look at yourself. >> oh, my god. >> you look awesome. >> everybody plays with their hair and covers their face. >> you look beautiful. >> look right here at this camera. >> tell us about the hair. >> the hair is very exciting. she wanted to keep it long, but we had to do some adjustments. we did some shaping around the face. this is a side swept bang, and that accents your facial features. her hair was naturally black, and she had to color the gray. i softened it.
2:33 am
is it dark? yes, but it's a softer brown. it just lifts up her whole look. of course, enid played with the eye makeup. >> ron, what do you think? >> great. perfect. we'll enjoy the rest of our new york trip now. >> and, bobbie, a little black dress. love it. >> this is her birthday trip, and she's going to see "wicked" tonight, and she just needed to step out. >> yes, you are. >> that's awesome. you look great. >> you look fantastic. >> tell us about the dress. who makes this dress? >> this is a maggie london dress. you have such a great spirit, and this says you're ready to have some fun. >> the aloha spirit. >> yes, you do. big round of applause for michelle. you can join your uncle. >> second lucky lady is kate hardy, 21 from stonybrook, new york. hasn't cut her hair in over two years, and last time it was only to donate it for charity. >> wow. >> we decided it was finally time for her to get a brand-new do. let's listen to kate. >> we're here with kate, kelsey, david, and amy. she's petrified.
2:34 am
>> she is. she never gets dressed up. >> are you afraid of heights? >> no. good because i have some really great heels for you. >> oh, god. >> honestly, you deserve a makeover, and we're going to get you in something hot so you can go for drinks with your girls, okay? >> ready? >> yes. >> you're not convincing anyone. >> okay. i'm ready. >> okay, good. >> we're ready. >> all righty. kate is ready, but there's a gentleman there as well, i think. it would be awkward if he is not. for kate, kelsey, adam, and david. you know what, it's a long story. apparently an awkward one. we're just going to take one last look at kate before and bring out the new kate. >> wow! >> wow! >> all right, you guys, take off your blind folds. >> get ready. >> oh, my god. >> i love it. you look awesome. >> kate, turn around and see what they're talking about. >> hopefully kate is pleased.
2:35 am
hard to tell sometimes. you look awesome. >> you look cool. look right here at that camera, sweetie. >> what a difference. >> wow. all right. >> louis, what did you do? >> working on physical training, right, kate? athletic training. excuse me. what we wanted to do is take away that job and give her a sexy, sporty new york look. notice the hairline. this is the new long hair. only to the shoulder, and this is what long hair looks like today. the side part. all of this we saw at the academy awards, and then, of course, i lightened her hair to give her that pop, and you look so beautiful. >> what is wrong? >> what are you thinking? >> she never dresses, never -- no makeup, no hair done, literally nothing. >> you have never seen this before. >> no. >> she's bawling. she's bawling. >> we're really good friends, and i just -- i'm speechless. >> oh, bobbie, this dress is beautiful.
2:36 am
>> the only athletic training you need to do is learn how to walk in those heels. i asked if she was afraid of heights, and she said no, and you are going to the athletic from here to the athletic training seminar you're here for. you're going to go in that dress. >> i love it. everybody is crying, including bobbie. all right. let's bring michelle back out. a big round of applause to both of our lovely ladies. careful. >> everybody looks great. >> all right. all about jennifer aniston's wedding plans and all the movies and -- >> everything you want to check out this weekend. all for you. right after this. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico?
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♪ it started with a whisper >> oh, it's thirsty thursday, which means it is time for our weekend chatter. >> here with everything you need to know from movies to music and tv is e news correspondent and our dear pal jason kennedy. >> how are you? >> nice to see you both. >> this weekend is a movie-going weekend. what should we see?
2:41 am
>> maybe 21 and over starring "miles teller from "footloose." he had a break-out role. keep in mind, this is basically from the writers of "hangover." >> sophomore and juvenile. >> you might have to close your ears. >> any other movies you like, jason? >> i like that one a lot, to be honest. i think that's the go to. in my opinion. >> did you just sneeze? >> i sneezed. live on television. >> no one ever sneezes. >> i have been sick, and now i feel like a million bucks. >> i never have seen anyone sneeze. >> how cute? >> i thought it was a cough. >> let's watch it again. we don't have it. >> that was weird. >> what should we rent if we're going to rent a movie? >> i feel like you guys like "twilight." a little rob, kristen. i'm kidding. >> you're wrong. >> if you need the "twilight" fix, this is the last film in the franchise. >> it won every razzie. >> i won every razzie award. >> it still does very, very
2:42 am
well. and then "chasing mavericks" did really good. >> what's that? >> you guys -- >> my friend abigail spencer is in it. it's about a story about surfing. >> based on a true story. gerard butler got really injured shooting this movie. pinned him down by a wave. it's getting good reviews. >> didn't do as well in the theaters as it should have, but i'm looking forward to that one. >> let's talk music. nick lachey is releasing a new cd. >> first we find out that 98 degrees is going on tour. with nkotb. the ladies were freaking out. they're coming out with an album for the first time in like ten years, and then nick is doing this lullaby album. it's got a lot of the classic lullaby songs, and but he co-wrote four original songs that was inspired by his son. that's coming out in a couple of weeks. >> we had donny wahlberg op yesterday, and he is excited. >> it's called the package tour, which is a debatable name. >> not for boy band, hello. >> jennifer aniston, some of the plans have been released for her wedding.
2:43 am
>> we saw justin and jennifer looking happy at the red carpet. at the oscars. people magazine out tomorrow saying she's got the wedding band, the date, the dress. >> mr. know it all. did they cooperate with this particular "people magazine" interview, or -- i'm just asking. >> normally they cooperate, but you are getting a lot of sources in this article saying it's going to be an intimate affair with some close friends. she's not quoted directly, but she also may change her last name privately, so jennifer theroux. i don't think in the movies but among close friends. >> that's good. they picked the dancing with the stars cast we saw. >> yes, ashley judd, anyone? >> i love her. >> andy dick, huh? >> no wynona. i'm sorry. i'm starting rumors today. >> ashley is busy running for the senate. >> what i was going to say ashley judd talked to wynona about it and was surprised that her sister was going to do it.
2:44 am
>> for herself after helping her husband back to health. >> andy dick, aly raisman. remember her parents -- >> the one to watch is andy dick. the man can go -- >> may be a train wreck. >> love you. >> love you too. >> maybe? amtrak. >> we're going to tell you how to keep more cash in your pocket. >> our experts will answer your money questions. first, these messages. >> that was a weird sneeze. i have never seen anything like it. a look at your forecast. of course we're all keeping an eye on this cold air coming down to the south and bringing the possibility of snow flurries to places like northern alabama and northern georgia and eastern tennessee. you can see that cold air, kansas city 30 degrees will be the high for you, 50 degrees is all you're going to be getting today in atlanta. in the mid 40s along the east coast. as we head into attorneys the cold air still with us so the possibility of snow here in the southeast. and also in the northern fringes of new england. but the temperatures aren't really budging. we're going to stick with it,
2:45 am
folks, staying in the 40s in atlanta for a high. 57 in it dallas and 31 in chicago. boston will come in at 43 degrees. as we head into sunday, a lot of the country clearing out. temperatures still staying low. we're keeping an eye out on a new system coming in from the pacific northwest. it's going to deliver snow to places like the wasatch. and rain in seattle and portland. by monday the system moving across the country. the band of snow coming through the upper midwest. it's going to head into places like minneapolis. our temperatures will start to rebound a bit in the northeast. we're seeing that in orlando a high of 77. 69 in new orleans. 40s along the east coast. chicago just above the freezing mark coming in at 33 degrees. by wednesday our system now has moved over to the mid-atlantic where we can see a little rain along the coast and snow as we head inland. here comments another one. another system coming in from the west delivering some rainshowers to places like san francisco and salt lake city. and then on thursday we're looking pretty clear along the
2:46 am
east coast except for a little rain in the mid-atlantic. but the snow still present here as we head into places like billings, montana and western parts of colorado. we'll have all the details for you. wake up with al 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. week days. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner.
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>> it is time for today's money and all the answers to all your financial questions if you actually still have some. >> all right. we lined up some of our fans at the nbc experience store who want advice from this money. >> she's the host of "financially fit" on yahoo. >> shall we get to it? let's go across the street to sara. what do we have? >> hi. i'm looking to purchase a home, and in an attempt to not go into debt, i eliminated credit cards,
2:49 am
reduced limits, and although my income allows me to borrow for a home, my debt to credit ratio changes that. what should i do? >> what? >> so essentially -- >> take it. >> what just happened? >> i feel like i'm 3 years old. she has good income, but in order to qualify for a mortgage, the lenders want to know that you have an ability to manage credit and a lot of credit. they want to see large lines of credit on credit cards. not that they're racking up debt, but that you have access to these credits and that you can manage them responsibly. she only has minimal credit lines, and that's not good enough because that does lower your score. >> she's doing the right thing by not -- >> there's a catch. you have to know sort of what goes into credit score models and one of the big ingredients of having a lot of ample credit available to you, and so what she needs to do is open up a major credit card. not a credit card with a $500 limit. like a major credit card with $10,000, and use it and pay it off every month. >> let's go to our next question
2:50 am
from the crowd. i think it's jonathan but let's see. >> hi. i'm an athletic training student at stonybrook university. i have several student loans, including private and federal, and i want to know how consolidating them could help me pay them back. >> we just saw him. >> consolidating -- >> didn't he just get a makeover? >> he was an ambush makeover guy. >> he is going for a two fer. yes, consolidation is a smart way to manage your loans. consolidating just the private and just the federal. you can't consolidate private with federal, so just something to keep in mind, and it's a great way, again, to consolidate one payment. maybe you can lower your interest rate. a great way to get off on the right track with your student loans. it can get pretty hairy when you are graduating. >> we have another question from the crowd. i think it's from jammal. >> hi. my rent is going up and my paycheck isn't able to cover the difference. what should i do? >> rent has gone up 4% year-over-year in this country. one of two things. you either need to find more affordable rent or raise his income, and so first part --
2:51 am
>> or get a roommate. >> that's part of making the rent more affordable. negotiating with his landlord. maybe he wan strike a two-year contract instead of a one-year and get a lower rate as a result. >> do you think people were surprised that there was a 2% payroll tax? people were like where did this come from? >> a couple of years ago we didn't have that payroll cut. that's something we were already adjusted to. we had a gift the last year of getting that payroll tax cut, and now it's -- >> it seems like a surprise to an awful lot of people. >> to everybody else struggling to pay housing, think about maybe taking advantage of that extra room in your home and renting that out, check with your landlord and see if that's okay. or, you know, think about how much you're spending. rule of thumb, 30% on rent. no more. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> how to make dinner with just four ingredients. >> and one bowl. >> first -- >> add a little love. >> first, "today" on nbc.
2:52 am
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>> today's kitchen brought to you by ritz, open for fun. >> time now for "today's" chicken. >> what's cooking? we have some delicious one-pot meals you can whip up on a week night. >> each recipe calls for just four ingredients, and can you find them in australian chef kim mckosker's new book called "four
2:55 am
ingredients, one pot, one bowl." >> i am not a chef. just a passionate cook. >> oh -- >> okay, good. >> what are we whipping up? >> a really simple enchilada cake. most homes have a tortilla. all we do, tortilla down. to that we want some chicken, or salsa, whatever. four ingredients. this is all you need. >> dump the chicken. we want some sauce. on to that. >> just like a salsa. >> yeah. then we want -- >> layer. >> cheese on top. what i love about this recipe, if your viewers are like me and they're a busy mommy during the day and they morph into captain veggie smuggler at night, then you go to your freezer and look for any leftovers you have.>> p. >> add whatever you want. >> the problem in your family, add a lot. >> add a lot. >> a little more >> a great way to smuggle in. >> if you do it lasagna-style. >> when you bake it -- funny. when you bake it, the actual tortilla becomes this soft,
2:56 am
luscious lasagna. >> tortillas you don't usually think about cutting. >> definitely cut. >> another tip, take your tortilla, fold up the bottom, around, and it becomes -- >> make a cone. >> oh, my god. >> bake it. cheese on top. make a cone. >> a cone. >> beautiful. then you go all four ingredients. >> just four ingredients, and you can add extras if you want. >> add whatever you like. but there's a base four ingredients. >> i have three little boys under 10, and they love it. they love getting involved. customize it to what your family likes. >> how long do you bake it for? >> 375 for about 35 minutes, and -- >> beautiful, by the way. >> this is what -- >> look at it. >> it's adorable. >> it looks so good. >> you'll be amazed what you can make with those few ingredients. don't think four ingredients, no flavor. flavor is the most important ingredient. >> depending on what else you have in your refrigerator. >> tell us about the next. >> okay.
2:57 am
this isn't four ingredient. this is just three ingredients. >> what do we put? >> tomatoes, and before you ask whether they're plain or flavored, whatever is on sale. whatever is on sale. saving time and money. that's what we're all about. onions and butter. put those three ingredients into a pot. >> why did you put the onion -- >> put it in water. it just peels. keep it there for five minutes and it peels really super easily. >> the things you learn on "the today show." >> really easy. the longer you can leave those three ingredients on your stove top in one pot, the nicer the flavors. give it time to blend and meld. deep, rich beautiful pasta sauce with three simple ingredients. saving time and money. >> key lime pie. >> would this possibly be one? >> you know what i love about a key lime pie? >> who ate my pie? >> you serve it up time and time again, and you will get your family, your friends honestly how did you make that? you know it's a good one. it's just some eggs, some
2:58 am
condensed milk, and lovely limes. >> thank you. >> all these recipes are on our website. >> tomorrow mom-approved family-friendly movies. >> how to hire a contractor, and we'll tell you about a wonderful show we saw. does it work? the good. why wine glasses come in different shapes and sizes. >> the stem is a practical thing. the toilet seat gets a bad rap. jeff: the dirty. is that even in my house? >> i have never been to your house. jeff: the host of stuff you should know. we're learning cool things. >> i feel like we're spoiling everything for everybody. jeff: plus, lisa whelchel catches me off guard. i'm speechless. hello, hello! roll it! [ cbs television distribution ] jeff: all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this
2:59 am
show. and i'm learning to be a dad in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show 'cause there's a lot to talk about. this is the adventure. welcome to the show. [ applause ] have a seat. thank you very much. i'm excited about today's show because i have all thought there should be a show for like cocktail conversation. where you just learn little bits about enough so you can drop in and go, oh, yeah, the weather system. easterly wind. so we have a couple really smart guys here today, and they know a little something about everything. that's the whole idea. so, grab a pen or, you know, record this because we're going to give you things you can drop and impress your friends, or a date or your boss. by the end of the show, you will be smarter and more interesting. lisa whelchel is here today. >> hello. [ applause ] jeff: how's it going? >> it's good.


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